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Graphic Design

If you are looking for full service design support to create a brand or grow your business, DMT is a highly qualified design and branding consultancy focused on strategic designs and services. We have over a decade of experience in creating branding solutions for companies just like yours. DMT designs will help you to develop, manage, and convey your compelling message clearly to your target audience.

Graphic Design concepts are constantly changing to meet the demands of our ever-changing markets. Your logo, product marketing materials and advertisements must make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd, let DMT handle all your graphic design needs.

Our graphic designers tell your business’ story while maximizing leads, with custom graphic design and product marketing that will out-perform your competition. Our graphic design services will help you create and maintain a cohesive brand identity by creating images that fall in line with your product marketing system. Our graphic designers establish your images, logos, pictures, colors and more, with consistency and unity.

Web Design

Behind every effective website is an expert website designer! Our web designs are aesthetically pleasing and viewable on all platforms. Our web designers give you the ability to uniquely reflect your business’s brand message while supporting your product marketing efforts. Today, your website is the first impression customers and potential clients have of you. You only have seconds to capture their attention, drive your message, and inspire them enough to click through to the next step. Therefore, your website is an important tool in achieving your sales goals and must appeal to your audiences’ needs. Our web designs are effective and easy to navigate. DMT will design and develop a website unique to your brand that can seamlessly accomplish both the front- and back-end needs of a premier website.

Give your business a fresh new look with our website design services. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new website design or redesigning an old website, our web designers can help you and your business establish a presence on the internet that displays credibility and trust. Our stunning designs are built to your specifications based on our strategic consultation. Our designers will work with you from beginning to end to meet your needs and bring your ideas to life. We maximize your online presence through our experienced team which specializes in creating and enhancing websites designed to showcase your business while maximizing your ROI. This will ensure your project is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your business today.

We are not your traditional web designers. We use our skills to provide solutions as strategists, client advocates, market analysts, graphic designers, developers and experienced web designers. DMT uses current marketing tools & tactics to identify what attracts your target market. Our Website Design Services create the type of website a business needs to establish themselves in any market place.

Printing Services

DMT’s Print Shop exists to serve the New York City business community, by providing professional quality, print, and finishing services in a friendly and efficient manner. We specialize in low to high-volume production and in finishing. The DMT Print Shop is an effective solution to all your printing needs.

The DMT print shop offers small business owners a one-stop shop for addressing their printing needs. Clients can easily design and order thousands of customized products, low to high-volume production printed products. Our automated and enhanced print order process makes us the more convenient choice than traditional printing options. Our print shop services are designed to be an easy to use and effective resource to fulfill your printing needs.

DMT simplifies its print shop ordering process by creating a consultative relationship that guides its clients from concept to completion. We believe this will significantly reduce our clients reprint-due-to-error costs and the associated print waste incurred with other commercial print vendors. DMT’s print shop services are the ultimate solution for all your printing needs.



Do you own a website but have difficulty updating and maintaining it? With DMT website maintenance packages you ensure your business can add to, update, and remove pages easily from your website and protect your site against attack. Our website maintenance packages make owning a website convenient and cost effective. Contact us today to learn how!

DMT’s website maintenance packages focused on meeting the needs of businesses, organizations, non-profits and start-ups. Whether you need occasional updates or daily updates, we have packages designed for you. With DMT website maintenance your website evolves with the changing demands of technology.

In addition, we provide access to consultation, creating a website maintenance team that you can count on to take care of all changes for you with speed and accuracy. We will meet all your website content needs, such as overall website improvements, product/service updates, ecommerce specials, and much more.

A website that is well maintained attracts new customers and keeps the interest levels of existing customers high. Search engines favor content that is well maintained, and frequent updates add credibility with your target audience. If you let your website sit, for years, customers will see your business as irrelevant. Let DMT website maintenance service save your business from this fate.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Positioning within the organic results of search engines such as Google, require expert keyword management with high quality due diligence. DMT takes a methodical and mathematical approach to search engine optimization. We gather many pieces of data to understand the opportunities and the competitive threats for our clients’ rankings.

The DMT approach to SEO is developed by working with your business’ goals, situations and restrictions. By defining your audience’s needs and revamping your website’s current look, we create increased traffic to your website. We create the opportunity to understand what topics and terms your audience is searching for and how your brand meets these needs currently.

DMT SEO Campaigns:

  • Achieve a high, stable and long-term presence at the top of the SERPs for keywords that will drive sustainable business growth.
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Ensure site is developed on solid technical foundation.
  • Organize and label the site in such a way that people and search engines can easily navigate and find information.
  • Help to create and optimize useful and engaging content to ensure sites and pages are relevant and recommendable.
  • Promote genuine social sharing of content.



In today’s competitive marketplace, graphic design and visuals are more important than ever. Small businesses that have enticing product marketing have been proven to have great success acquiring new clients. We provide the best designs by understanding your target audience, objectives, competitors, and market so we can generate trend setting content that promotes your desired brand image. From websites to business cards, we know that top notch design is the key to providing a great experience for your clients, online and offline.

We stand behind our philosophy that building a consultative relationship is the foundation to achieving your design goals. We thrive on implementing a collaborative process that involves your input and our expert designers. Our collaboration process creates clarity and focus, which leads to your desired results.

We articulate your business’ true value, to position your brand as a trusted resource. Our design team will bring your vision to life by using graphic & web design to engage your audience. After understanding your business’s needs, we’ll develop content that puts your message above the competition.

With expert consultants and our team of skilled graphic & web designers, we develop a plan for creating designs you will truly need to be successful. DMT also partners with various experts across multiple industries to bring solutions to our clients who are striving for business success. For example, our partnership with Excellence in Execution Planning (EnE Planning), a business support services firm, allows us to offer our clients access to opportunities such as trademarking their logos, creating content for their websites, document design and organizing their business for enhanced success. DMT combined with Excellence in Execution Planning services creates the ultimate resource for clients seriously looking to impact business growth.

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